Winter is coming, know how to take care of the skin

Protect your skin winter

The arrival of winter happened. However, there should be a lot of things to keep in mind this skin care, caution. The extra care we need at this time. To keep the skin beautiful and bright, avoid excessive sunlight (ultraviolet light). Otherwise the skin will be burnt. An umbrella or tap hat can be used.

Protect your skin in winter
Beautiful woman in winter

Those who do not look good on them, they can use any one of the best sunscreen lotions or creams. Now the question is, which sunscreen would you use? In this case, you must first consider the color of your skin. The color of the skin that is as white as the more vulnerable to sunlight. It has started with the various problems of the skin. So start with the skin extra care. It will reduce the dryness of the winter and make the skin smooth and healthy.

Protect your skin winter

Moisturize the skin
Choose a good moisturizer at the beginning of skin care in the winter. Buy nut oil or avocado rich moisturizer from the market. These help to maintain the skin’s normal moisture. Use as long as the skin looks dry.

Use of sunscreen
Do not think the winter is coming down that the need to use the sunscreen has decreased. Use SPF 15-30 complete sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in winter.

Maintain moisture
Keep moisture in the winter, and occasionally give a glimpse of the water. The skin will not be dry easily.

Avoid using excessive hot water
Experts advised to refrain from washing the mouth and head with extra hot water, while feeling comfortable during bathing. Because, excessive hot water damages the skin of the skin, which helps to keep the skin moist. If you take some drops of jasjava or almond oil in the water during bath, it helps to moisten and smooth the skin.

Take care of wet skin
Use a moisturizer or lotion after bathing and after weting every face. This will keep skin moisture.

Follow the above instructions to see if your skin is protected in winter. Thank you

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