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The seven foods that your baby will grow rapidly

baby foods for grow
                                                     baby foods for grow

A long man likes to be a boy or a girl. A person’s personality can be seen through the height of a lot. Again it is easy to adjust to any costume. The height depends heavily on the gene. Therefore, there is no limit to parental thinking about the height of the child. As well as genetics, height depends on the diet too much. There are some foods that help increase your child’s height. Keep these foods in the daily food list.


egg for baby

EGG For Baby


1. Eggs

Protein plays an important role in making your baby taller. Keep an egg diet every day. It can be cooked and can be fed without omelet.


baby food milk

2. Milk

Protein, calcium, mineral and many vitamins are available as a glass of milk. Vitamin D makes calcium bone strong. If your child is under 2 years of age, then milk cream of cream. Fat in the milk is quite beneficial for her body and brain. Eating cheese and cheese instead of milk can feed.



3. Soybean

Soybean strengthens your baby’s bones and muscles. With it it helps to increase height. Soybean can be cooked like vegetables to feed your baby.

Chicken Meat
                                         Chicken Meat

4. Chicken Meat

Most of the chicken meat likes a lot of children. Keep this meal in the food list. Protein-rich foods will help to increase their height. However, it is good to not make the practice of eating chicken meat every day.




Spinach is known as super vegetables. It also fits your baby’s bones as well as meets the needs of iron and calcium. Iron and calcium help the child to grow taller.



6. Carrots

Vitamin-rich this vegetable helps to adjust the protein. Eating cottage rather than cooking carrots is quite beneficial. You can feed your baby with raw carrot salad or juice.


fruits for baby
                                   Best Fruits for baby

7. Fruit

Everyone knows about the health benefits of the fruit. Vitamin A helps in growing vitamin D rich fruits such as sweet potato, mango, papaya, tomatoes, bananas, pitch fruits, etc. Keep these fruits regularly in your baby’s diet.


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