The causes and remedies for itching on the secret organs

female reproductive system

The problem of secretive ankle is a very natural phenomenon in women’s life. Most women do not care about this issue or take it seriously. They do not know that most women have to face this problem sometime in life and this is actually the symptom of the disease! A little bit of awareness can save you from many physical problems. No shame, awareness is important. Let’s know today, the details of the causes of itching, remedies and your actions on secret organs.


The causes that may cause itching

Allergic reactions that can be secreted to the common organs are allergic reactions. Wear tight clothes, any soap or perfume reaction, sweat cloth after long time etc. It may also be due to East Infections or Bacteria. It may also be due to hormonal problems or any skin disorders. After menopause it may also be in secret organs. Even if the secretion of it is clean enough, it is not usual to have itching every day, you should still be aware of it.


When will you go to the doctor?

If the presence of smell and itching is secretive, then it is better to go to the doctor without delay. Like the back country, there are many important bacteria in the vagina. But when growth of bad bacteria increases as well as bad smell and irritation, it is a symptom of a disease called bacterial vaginosis. On the other hand, if it is due to the presence of an infection in the east, it may have odor in itching, there will be dark white discharge. East Infection is a very normal phenomenon. Sexual intercourse, eating antioxidants, such a weak immune system may also be due to this problem. If these problems arise, you will go to the doctor, if you have pain with urination or pain in the sexual intercourse, even if you suffer from urination, you will not go too late to the doctor.

female reproductive system

Can also do in the house

1. Always keep the special organs clean. Do not care less than others. After cleaning the toilets every day, clean it with warm water and good soap and dry it well.

2. Wear loose lace cotton lace. Change the lingerie twice a day. Do not use sweat-less undergarments more often.

3. Use a soap-soap or sterilizer for a secret organ. Nutrizene can use liquid white soap without flavor or odor. Use something that is not fragrant.

4. Eat less sweet foods. Eat less carbohydrate diet If there is a East Eqfction it will work a lot.

5. Do not sleep after night underwear. Especially in the summer day.

6. If you have a habit of using powder in secret, use baby powder.

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