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In some major sexual issues, there are problems in every case of their own. There is a variety of sexual problems in human sex life and those sexual problems and solutions. Every person is born of birth in birth. This young man comes to life in a certain time of life. This time is the most precious time of human life. At this time there is a huge change in the body and mind of man and woman. At the same time, women and men have to face various types of sexual problems. Which hinders their normal living.

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Q: What is the sex problem of boys?

A. The meaning of sexual problems can be huge. Problems in sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases, problems in pregnancy, etc. can all be involved in sexual problems. So if you do not know exactly what you mean to say sexual issues, it is difficult to answer. This post discusses boys’ sexual issues that can cause obstacles in the way of good sex and sexual satisfaction.

1. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about boys’ sexual issues is that sooner or later Nearly one-third of the men in the world are facing sex problems at some time or so. However, there is no escape from the hasty procedure.

2. The opposite of early onset is a sexual problem, delayed semen. In this case, there is an excessive delay due to spermicide which is inconvenient for two companions. This problem can be caused due to the lack of attention towards the partner, religious or other reasons for sexual intercourse, nerve damage, side effects of some medicines. Determining the exact cause is possible to prevent delayed semen failure from the sexual problem.

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3. Another serious problem with sexually transmitted diseases is the detrograde ejaculation. In this case, during semen, the semen enters the urinary tract instead of passing through the urethra. As a result of semen of masturbation or spell, semen does not leave. If the muscular sphincter does not function properly then this kind of sexual problem. Retrograde ejaculation is a possible cause of men’s infertility. Depending on the cause, this problem is treated with medicines or operations.

4. Sexual issues of another important boys are fiasco or impotency. Sex in this disease is not very excite, or even if it is relaxed for a short time. Nearly 40 percent of men have had sexual problems in some or all of their lifetime. The modern name of this disease is called erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem can be due to various physical or mental reasons. Physical factors are mainly heart disease, honeymeha, hormonal problems, nervous weakness, other age-related diseases, smoker, side effects of the drug, genital injury etc. Among the psychic factors, anxiety, mental illness, thinking of not being able to be valued, etc. is one of the most important. However, it is possible to cure the ED’s in treatment. For example, the Viagra group’s medicine is effective. Also regular physical activity, especially aerobic exercise is particularly beneficial. However, if there is a problem with erectile dysfunction, then a good urologist or sexologist should be consulted. He will be able to check that the cause of the collision is physical or emotional and accordingly he will do the treatment.

5. Another problem with sexually transmitted diseases is decreasing men’s sex. This problem arises when the level of testosterone hormone decreases in the body. However, emotional exhaustion, anxiety, honeymeha, abnormal blood pressure, etc. can also reduce sexual desire. Doctors should consult with a sexologist. However, it is found that sexual activity is likely to increase sexual promiscuity. Apart from these, men also complain of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis etc. However, it is said that the disease is spread on news paper or in train-bus, it is completely imaginary disease. Urinary tract is also not a sexually transmitted disease, it is a problem of kidney and urine which should be consulted with the nephrologist.

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