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breast cancer

What is breast cancer, why it is, about examinations, treatment and remedies:

What is the best way to keep the breasts well, the nipple exercise, the problem of breast in the face? What is the remedy? Look at the symptoms of breast hanging at the age of teens, because of the solutions and solutions !!

Breast cancer Tips
                                        Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a common health problem. Both men and women can have this disease, but women tend to be more prone to it. Breast cancer is the name of terror among women in most parts of the world, including the Western world. But the hope is that at the right time we can easily treat it. Today we will know about breast cancer and its treatment.

What is breast cancer?

Breast Cancer
                                             Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be seen when certain cells of the breast grow abnormally. For most women this is a panic because of disease.
Understand how breast cancer has been done

The following signs and symptoms occur when breast cancer occurs:

  • * Feels like a pint on the breast
    * Blood is released from the nipple bone
    * Changes in size and shape of the breast
    * Changes in breast skin, such as toll-reading
    * Nipples are inserted inwards
    * The skin of the nipple bands continues to grow
    * Nipple skin is reddish like an orange shell and becomes hole-hole

When to call a doctor?

breast cancer call a doctor

  • With the following reasons, you should go to the doctor:
    * Feeling new and unusual pins on the breasts
    * If you do not get pounded even after passing next month
    * If the breast pins are larger and stronger
    * If blood continuously releases from the nipple bone
    * Changes in breast skin are visible
    * If the nipples are penetrated inwards
    Where to treat?
    * District Sadar Hospital
    * Medical College Hospital
    * Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
    * Specialized public / private hospital

Frequently Asked

Question.1. Why is breast cancer?

Answer: If some cells of the nipple grow abnormally then breast cancer.

Question.2. Who has more risk of breast cancer?

Answer: Those who are more likely to have breast cancer are:

  • * Men are more likely to have breast cancer than men
    * Women over 60 years of age
    * One can have cancer in one breast and another may be affected
    * If the mother, sister or daughter has breast cancer
    * Because of genes
    * Radiation Exposure
    * Unusual fat when
    * If you are young at a young aga
  • * Menopause at an older age
    * Take the first child at the older age
    * Women who take hormone therapy
    * Drinking alcohol

Q.3.What kind of surgery is needed in cancer?

Answer: Generally the operations that are needed for breast cancer treatment are:
* Lumpectomy
* Mastectomy
* Sentinel node biopsy
* Oxilary lymph node dissection

Want to keep the breasts well organized? Regular nip exercise? :

Breast-arms, feet are a common organ. But since the earliest times, it has been seen from the conservative viewpoint. That is why there are many different concepts surrounding the breasts. For example, increasing the size of the breast. Although no exercise can change the size or shape of a breast, it can be done to strengthen the breasts more firmly with some exercises.

Pectoral (ribs) on the bottom of the nipple can increase the body’s muscles, it can swell a lot more. Be aware of the body before you start the exercise. The size of the breast may be relaxed while standing in front of you. Stand back straight, start cheating and exercise.

breast cancer exercise
                           breast cancer exercise

1)  Stand in front of the mirror and spread the two hands in front of it so that the hand is 10 cm away from each other. Take two hands on the hand – as if swimming. Please do this 10 times.

2)  Now bring your hands to the chest and fist together and press each other. Remember to count 5. Then leave it. This way 10 times.
3) Bring your hands to the chest and hold one with the other hand. Then pull two hands in two hands. Count 5 Please do this 10 times.

4) Spread two hands along the two shoulders. Keep two palms down the palm Hold your hands on two shoulders and back in front 20 times. Please do this 10 times.
5)  Stand up straight at once. Bring the two of the hands together with the ears. Now hold a dumbbell with two hands and fold the elbows and move the hands behind the two, so that Dumber touches your back. Please do this 10 times.

6) Lie on a bench. Hang the legs two. Take two dumbbells in two hands. Decrease hands on your head to the stomach. Slowly lift your hands over the head and hang it back. Please do this 10 times.

Suddenly the problem of breast?

Lamp in breast means many people think that the broken breast cancer has happened. Thinking is not unusual. The rate at which the breast cancer problem is increasing, the reason for fear of women is not anything to befallen. However, if there is a lump in the breast, it seems to be a complete misconception of cancer. Many of the lamps in the brain suddenly discover. But the question is why lamps? One can be lamps for one reason at one age. Let’s know the causes of lamps in the breast.

1.  Puberty may cause lip Fibroadenoma in the breast. There is no reason to worry about this. This lamp itself goes away.



2.  Breast accesses are usually painful and red for young women who are breast-feeding. In this problem, the surgeon is known to show cause and medical attention. Lamps for adult women can be a lot of things. Starting from the cyst, binain tumor or cancer. It is important to test the lamps after the menopause. Because it can lead to cancer. It may not be possible to go to the doctor immediately after seeing the lamps. Whatever the consequences of diagnosis, you should be aware of it.

3. First of all, do not be hyper. See if there is no lump in the nipple anywhere or in the throat. Armpit lamps are common lymph nodes. See if the nipple skin and the nipple are covered with the underlying lamps. If there is a concern then. Do not worry if lamps are soft. If you are very tough, show the doctor.

4. During the period, many women suffer from breast pain. This is but fibrocystic disease. A little treatment can be corrected. If there is any doubt about the lamps, consult the surgeon.

Now let’s talk about breast cancer. Usually, some risk factors can be identified.
If breast cancer is a cancer, another breast can also be cancerous. Increasing the chance of breast cancer increases with age.

Breast cancer can be caused by excessive smoking or drinking alcohol.

OBCTO is also one of the reasons for breast cancer.

However, if someone starts to become obese from puberty and is fat at 40-50 years, their post-menopausal breast cancer may be more likely to be cancerous. But there is no point waiting for breast cancer. So be aware of yourself from today. Build some good habits. Eat food. Prevent yourself from smoking and other addictions. Reduce weight However, it is not enough to reduce it, it should be properly mastered. Try your own breasts in the middle.

Breast is a very important part of females. There is a need for a healthy body as well as beautiful nipples. But in a busy life, women can take care of their bodies very rarely. Keeping the body healthy, the right diet to get a healthy breast, enough sleep, plenty of water, sometimes it needs to check your own breasts. But for many women, many problems arise due to the neglect of their bodies and the size of the breast is also broken. So know that for some reason the size of the breast is wasted.

Wearing a wrong size bra

Wearing a wrong size bra
                           Wearing a wrong size bra


According to the size of the breast, if not wearing the correct size bra, it is responsible for the size of the breast. So while buying a bra, you should definitely buy the right size bra. On the other hand, after 15 years of research, it was published in 2013, which is also well-known from women who never wear bra, their breasts who are always wearing bra.
Do not eat enough water.

The main mantra of always being healthy is water. If you do not drink water exactly like the skin is lost in the same way, the size of the breast is also lost in the same way. So women should eat enough water to stay healthy and to get healthy breasts.

Do not protect the breast from the light of the sun

We know that the light of the sun is harmful to our skin. The way to survive is the sunscreen. Although women are not Sunbath in our country. But still many women wear open clothes. So, other parts of the body should use sunscreen as well as use of sun screen in the breast.

You have to quit smoking

After a long 8-year study, it has been said that smoking is one of the reasons behind smoking. Smoking causes the woman’s nipples to rupture, and for which the breasts are not well-formed.

Extra weight loss

If you have extra diet, it is harmful for the nipples. To get too much diet, the skin tone reduces the skin’s skin color. And after weight loss, the first thing to lose weight on the woman’s nipples is that breast is the most fat in the breast.

Symptoms of breast hanging at the age of teens, reasons and solutions

As the age progresses, it is normal to hang the breast at a certain angular level, but the tendency of becoming a breast lapse at the age of the teenager does not fall under normal physical changes.
Possible causes of adolescence flushing are increased body weight.


Women adopt breast stabilization; If these osteoporosis expands, the natural position of the breast usually falls below due to the reduced muscle strength. Breast displacement can be estimated with the dislocation of the breasts (both at the lower end of the breast) and also with the breast spray on both sides of the breast.


The normal cause of breasts becoming loose is that the breast is extra large and heavy, or inadequate breast-support. Due to childbirth, which means that the size of the breast is growing during pregnancy and it becomes heavy due to the breasts and as a result the breasts may become loose. It is worth noting that there is no change in the size of the breast when the child drinks the breast. At the same time, if the ability bra is not used on the use of spots bra or nipples during high duration, such as running, dancing etc., then it is possible to hang the breast from it!

Theorem / Considerations

Many women are worried – whether there is a relation between the child’s nipple and breast nipple? But studies have shown that there is no negative relationship between the size and structure of the breast with the nipple. According to the Mayo Clinic website, due to the exposure of exaggerated breasts, suddenly the size of the breast changes and subsequent decrease in the subsequent short span of time.

Prevention / Solution

The steps should be taken to prevent the hiding of the nipple at the age of the teenager, so that the nipples are not stretched and breast elasticity is not lost. As the direct or indirect smoking weakens the stability of the skin, it is less likely that the woman’s stomach relaxes than the smoker. Maintaining healthy body weight and preventing high-impact exposure and supplementation of breast feeding adequate breast in daily life.  In a report printed in the July 2010 issue of Medicine in Sports and Exercise, said that the sports bra, which is capable of lifting and clogging the upper part of the breast during exercise, with the discomfort of women, resists breast size / change.


Any abnormal changes in the shape / shape of the nipple and the change of shape, size or structure of the breasts may be the result of any other difficult problem. You should have monthly self-monitoring of the breast. Record any sudden changes. If you have any abnormalities about the size of your breast, do not hesitate to contact the doctor. Because of embarrassment, there may be problem speculation.


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