Find out how to prevent cracking lips in the winter

Beautiful Lips
Beautiful Lips
red lips
                                                   Red Lips

Winter came in the form of fog on the fog, and it came to nature. The cold frosting is not the joy of going to the hospital, anxiety is not in the skin. Lying lips in the dry thabab- and the knockdown is to be embarrassed with the lip. So there is going to be the cheapest commodity from the beginning of the winter. However, there are some domestic solutions to prevent cracks at hand.

Basically, due to dehydration of the body, the lips fade. At this time there is a tendency to eat less water. So drinking more water can lead to loss of lips. Besides, keeping the lips clean is also very important. Find out some home solutions that will make the lips soft, beautiful and charming in dry winter.


1.  The first to provide lip nourishment from the inside of the body. Lip like body skin needs hydration. That means there will be enough water in the body. So do not reduce the drinking water in the lazy. Keep eating more water, fruits and vegetables. In this, lips are already rich in moisture.

2. Honey and lemon can be used. This special pack works as a lip clinker. Besides, lipabam thickly apply the lips on the lips and gently remove the dead cells, get charming beautiful lips.


3.  The use of petroleum jelly is nothing new. It retains lip mood and pink color. So use it regularly. But use good quality petroleum jelly.

4. Enter the Lips pair in the SPF formula before going out. Lips but like the skin. In the dry dry season, the lips become dry. The use of SPF does not lose the wetness of the lips. You can choose Shea Butter, contain the SPF material. Shea butter is a unique ingredient for instant nutrition.


5.  Glycerin gives great work to prevent lip rotation. It is also the most widely used ingredient for skin crackers. Glycerin can be applied around the eyes and lips.


6.  If the lips burst, be careful about using the lipstick. Instead of putting more creamy and slippery lipstick. There will be no cold face in the lips.

7.  Coconut oil can be used every day to lip every evening. It will never get cracked. You can get lips moisturizer.


8.  Use lepee left that contains Vitamin ‘E’. It’s a great source of antioxidants. Vitamin ‘E’-rich leap left works quite well in increasing lip beauty.

9.  Mixing honey and sugar in cracked lip works like magic. This is the nutritional care of lip care. This will make the lips soft and smooth.


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