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To make black hair reddish, have you used lots of outdoor products so long? And there is no profit in it, so why? Do you know that your hair is becoming more reddish? So try naturally to black hair.


Why does hair become red?

Sun is the main enemy in the case of hair reddening. If the hair is very sunny then it becomes reddish. There is also a lot of use of various cosmetics, especially hairdry on the hair, or the hair in the hair while reducing excess hair. This results in the collapse of scalp collagen called tissue. As a result, the natural black color of the hair is completely reddish in color.

What are the ways to think? There are ways in your home Some domestic packs do great work in this case. Take a look.


Eggs, curd and Vitamin E capsule pack

Often, when the hair becomes too damaged, collagen tissue is damaged due to lack of nutrients. As a result the hair is reddish. So use this hairstyle for hairstyles.


Materials to create

Eggs 1, half cup yogurt, two vitamin E capsules and two tablespoons of coconut oil.


Mix all ingredients well. Then apply this dense paste to the scalp of the head first. Then apply the whole hair. Wait for half an hour. Then remove shampoo. Mild shampoo is better then. Do one day a week.


water of amalaki

Amla Juice



Amla Juice

Amalakira Benefits of hair problems are not worth saying. And in the case of this problem, it is sure that Amalki will work like a magician.



Half bucket water, 3 to 4 spoons of amlaqi powder, 2 spoons of lemon juice.



Mix Amalki powder in half bucket water. Now this is the lemon juice. The raw amalike juice can also be given. Wash it thoroughly and mix it with it. It’s great if you can do it every day. Will be working early. If not, at least four days a week.


Fenugreek for hair




Fenugreek and Amalaki packs

I have told earlier the benefits of bureaucratic black hair. And when it is added to fate, the work is even better. The fiber contains amino acids and lecithin elements. Reddish-hair medicine



2 Amalaki and 2 spoons of fenugreek.


Methi will be kept wet. If the fenugreek is soft then the Button. Add it to Amalki. Both of them are now available in powder. You can also use two powders for two panches. Apply it perfectly to the hair. Keep half an hour. Then remove shampoo. Do this weekend holidays.


onion juice for hair

        Onion juice

Onion juice

Onions are abundant sulfur. Improve tissue called sulfur collagen. As a result the hair is black.


2 to 3 large onions.


Blend the onions first. Then put the onion paste into a cotton cloth and mix it. Now add this juice to scalp. Shampoo leaves for 20 minutes. Do two days a week. Onion juice will also make hair black and it will also help to grow new hair.


potato juice for hair

Potato juice

Potato juice

Many people use potato juice to crack the skin. But do you know it is equally beneficial to make your red hair black. Potassium Vitamin A and C. Which helps nourish hair and make it faster black.


Take a big potato


Blind a big potato. Then put them in the cotton cloth and apply the juice. Now apply the scalp of the juice head. Wash after 20 minutes. Do at least 2 days a week to get good results.

The more things you can keep in mind

1. Keep scalp clean. So shampoo two to three days a week. Conditioner after shampoo must be.

2. Try using mild shampoo. Otherwise, do not use any good shampoo.

3. Hair is not too much color. These harmful substances reddish hair.

4. Cover the head with a scarf, before leaving the sunshine.


5. It is important to focus on diet to keep hair better. Eat more proteins, vitamins rich foods. Due to the lack of nutrients, hair becomes red with damages.


Then you know the way home to black your red hair. Hurry up the trio soon. And get benefit easily. You will see your hair again and again as dark as ever!


black hair women

 Black Hair Women


Thanks for reading the post. Stay with us to get all the new tips.

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