Dry Skin? Keep your dry skin soft in the winter

dry skin soft in the winter
Dry skin soft in the winter

On the winter day, women and men all suffer a lot in the trouble of dry skin. The solution is simple. A little oil, lotion or cream. Is this? But how long can these chemicals be put into the body? Someone’s allergy, the condition of somebody’s skin, such a number of sufferings that they only understand its users. And so keep these chemicals and mix them with the hassle of knowing how to do a little bit of the changes in the diet, you can make your skin in this winter, more shiny and refreshing.


dry skin soft in the winter
                           Dry skin soft in the winter


1. Healthy Factor

To relieve the body and skin of dryness, the thing that will always come to your mind is healthy fiber. And so keep this list with other food in the winter as well as full foods (mind body green) in the nutriment. Such as avocado, almond or olive oil. These will easily remove the dryness of your skin.

Coconut and coconut oil
                      Coconut and coconut oil


2. Coconut and coconut oil

Coconut is a healthy, healthy food for the body. And as well as coconut oil. Besides coughing on the skin, you can eat coconut as a food. This will help your body heal the dry skin. The weight will also help to reduce excess fat (mind body green).


3. Cheese

Usually we use cheese for various meals. But try to eat a little more cheese in this winter. Because cheese is the food that will not only dry your skin, but also the dandruff  of the head! This selenium and other minerals inside it will help you quickly.


4. Yellow food

Yellow color foods, such as orange or yellow color vegetables contain plenty of beta carotene (AOL). And this beta carotene helps the skin stay healthy and fresh. Cleansing of the skin by removing the skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. These foods also contain plenty of Vitamin C and A Which play an important role in the body’s cell culture.


5. Water

Not to mention the water in this regard. Water is the only and important element for the body. Winter or Summer – Anytime, whatever happens tomorrow, we should always drink enough water for our body’s health. And in the winter it should be increased further. Due to the absence of water in the skin of human skin due to its lack of water and for many reasons. So drink plenty of water before eating all the food (AOL).

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