5 Simple Steps To An Effective hair fall Strategy

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Hair Fall
Hair is a great measure of beauty of man. We usually get more anxiety when we see hair fall. Do you know more hair falls due to hair loss? So to prevent hair fall, first you have to stop worrying. Many people became mentally upset when hair fall or fall on their head. Some of the most common hair care, especially before sleeping, some rules are prohibited, hair loss can be stopped, and for lifetime. Let’s learn to stop hair fall 5 easy ways.

Follow only 5 tips to stop hair fall

1. Keep head skin and hair clean

The first condition to prevent hair fall is to keep hair clean. Therefore, after cleaning the outside of the house all day the hair should be cleaned. If it is not possible in the morning or in the day, shampoo during bath at night. Use maid shampoo for daily use. Before sleeping, hair must dry and dry.

2. Hair comb

If it is not possible to wash hair after returning from the outside, then firstly combine the hair properly with the coals. After that, then comb your hair and then comb your hair.
The loose dust stuck on the hair will come up with chilli. Wash your hair again and comb your hair in the same way.

3. Sleep on the hair at night

It is normal to have hair fall at an average of 100 per day. And most of the hair falls down in the night, the hair rub with a pillow. Night sleeves, especially those with big hair Then reduce hair fall. There are many people who can not sleep by tied hair, feel uncomfortable. Many people have difficulty in sleeping due to migraine headache. Those who have problems with sleeping hair, before they go to bed, comb your hair well. If you get hair done, the chances of getting hair increased.

4. Put coconut oil on regular hair

coconut oil for hair

If you want to have neat hair next day, apply oil on the night before and shampoo the next day. Apply olive oil or coconut oil to the hair follicles by heating the yolk. Gently massage your hands. As well as sleeping on it, it is also good to have blood circulation on the head skin, while hair shampoo will also reduce hair.

5. Keep the hair dry
Those who are excessive sweat are more likely to have hair fall. Sleeping in such a way that fan air may take the head. At night, the skin of the skin becomes weak and the hair becomes weak and the hair falls further. After bathing, add 3 teaspoons of rose water to one mug of water and wash the hair. It will sweat less hair.

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